Tips and Tricks



Labeling Club Apparel

It's highly recommended that swimmers label all their club apparel and competition suits with their name and phone number. This helps prevent items from being lost or picked up by another swimmer. In the event that an item is misplaced, labelled attire is more likely to be returned.

Gelling Hair

Check out the "How to Knox Your Hair" Youtube video.


One of the cheapest ways to enhance a competition suit is to add sequins to it. Usually these are sewn side-by-side along the edge/seam of  the design on the suit.

You Will Need:

  • Beading needle or small eyed sewing needle
  • Clear thread
  • Sequins (cupped sequins are usually best)
  • Clear or matching colour seed beads
  • Container for beads
  • Scissors for cutting thread

Before you start sewing, knot the clear thread 3-4 times in the same spot so it anchors well behind the suit. Once the knots are complete start sewing from the back of the suit (usually near the side seam):

  • Sew through to the front along the edge of the design being outlined
  • Put needle through the sequin, then bead, back through sequin and back through suit
  • Repeat, slightly overlapping the next sequin (this prevents bare spots when suit is worn)
  • Tie off the thread every 20 to 25 sequins
  • Trim the edge of the thread
  • Repeat entire process as necessary
  • Allow a 1 inch gap from the arms to avoid underarm irritation

*Note: Clear thread can be purchased at any Fabricland or sewing supply store.
           Beadworks (5526 Calgary Trail) is a great store to buy bulk beads in many colours!


There are two types of rhinestones used on competition suits:

Flat Back
Hot Fix

Flat Back
rhinestones are glued on suits using E6000 glue and toothpicks. With the end of your toothpick put a small amount of glue on the back of the rhinestone and press the glued side firmly to the suit for a few seconds. Allow a minimum of 48 hours for the glue to cure before wearing the suit. 

Hot Fix rhinestones come pre-glued and need to be applied with a rhinestone applicator. Follow the instructions on the applicator you're using for the best results. Allow a minimum of 48 hours for the glue to cure before wearing the suit.

You can purchase them online, through sites like Dreamtime Creations, or through some custom swimsuit providers. They have a wide selection of flat back and hot fix rhinestones in various price points as well as rhinestone applicators.

*Note: E6000 glue and rhinestone applicators can also be bought at Michael's.

Caring for Swimsuits

Rinse the chlorine out of your practice suit in a sink or basin of cool water after each swim. Using Swimco Swimwear Cleaner removes the chlorine and will prolong the life of your suit (this works for practice suits as well). This cleaner can be purchased at Swimco stores or online.

For custom competition suits, rinse your suit in cool water (do not let it soak). Do not shower in them, or sit in a hot tub. After rinsing it, roll your competition suit in a towel to absorb excess water and remove to hang dry at the pool, hotel or at home, allowing it to fully dry before storing. Avoid placing your suit over heat as this can also damage the fabric. Headpieces should also be rinsed in cool water and left to dry completely before storing to avoid rust or mold.

Competition suits and headpieces should be stored in protective bags to prevent excess wear and tear when traveling.

*Note: Avoid showering in your competition suit as hot water and shampoo can damage the sequins and fabric.