2023/24 Wardrobe 

  • Competitive swimmers:
    • are expected to wear club apparel throughout the season at club events and at competitions.
    • will purchase a routine competition suits with their team in the Fall. This is organized with their team coach and is approx. $100-$160.
  • Recreational swimmers: All club wardrobe items are optional with the exception of a nose clip.
  • Nose clips, Red Nova Caps, and White Caps can be purchased through the club and at practices. Ask your swimmer's coach for details.
  • Wardrobe order forms are emailed out at the start of the season by our wardrobe coordinator.
Red Nova T-Shirt
Nova Club Jacket
Black Leggings (any brand)
Nova Club Swim Suit   
Nova Club Red Silicone Swim Cap - $15
Nose Clips (regular or small) - $5
White Silicone Cap (needed in 9-10, Novice, 11-12 & 13-15) - $10
Black Swim Suit (needed in 9-10, Novice, 11-12 & 13-15. Any brand.)
OPTIONAL Items (as available):
Speedo Backpack Black 
Swim Parka Black 
Black Shorts (any brand)
Red Nova Pullover Hoodie