2022/23 Wardrobe 

  • Competitive swimmers are expected to wear club apparel throughout the season at club events and at competitions.
  • Competitive swimmers will also have a routine competition suits that they will purchase with their team in the Fall. This is organized with their team coach and is usually $100-$160.
  • Nose clips ($5), Red Nova Caps ($15), and White Caps ($10) can be purchased through the club and at practices. Ask your swimmer's coach for details.
  • Recreational swimmers: All club wardrobe items are optional with the exception of a nose clip.

Red Nova T-Shirt

Nova Club Jacket

Black Leggings (any brand)

Nova Club Swim Suit   

Nova Club Red Silicone Swim Cap

Nose Clips (regular or small)

White Silicone Cap 

Black Swim Suit (any brand)

OPTIONAL Items (as available):

Speedo Backpack Black 

Swim Parka Black 

Black Shorts 

Red Nova Pullover Hoodie